Working at an average of 2,000-2,500 words a day – depending on the topic and its complexity – I’m here to help you translate your documents. Though I am a recognised language translator, I’m also able to carry out meticulous proofreading services upon request. At Sepinroth Translations, my usual working week is Monday-Friday, but I am available for weekend translations at a small extra charge.


Offering a range of translation services that are second to none, you can rely on me to successfully translate your business documents. Translating from English to Polish or from Polish to English, I’m able to work on almost any document.


When you’ve had a document translated, it’s essential to have it proofread to ensure it contains correct spelling and grammar. I offer unrivalled proofreading services and offer a report to show the work of the translator. I can also offer comments on the translation itself when required.


From an entire movie to a short film, I’m able to prepare correct and perfectly-timed subtitles. I’ll watch and listen to the video to make sure that accurate subtitles are placed within the video recording, either in English or in Polish. I have previously prepared subtitles for the following types of media:

  • Instruction Videos
  • Short Reports
  • Video Diaries
  • Internal Video Communications


When a statement has been recorded, I’m able to translate and write down exactly what has been said. Often used for legal  purposes, I’ll listen to the dialog of recorded materials or phone calls and provide you with the transcript.


Ensure your copy and written text is directed towards your target audience with my help. As a professional translator, I am able to adapt your contents to ensure it's right for the market that you are aiming for. Having a professionally translated website in your target market language is crucial for every business. Once your website is translated and live in your system, I can perform a comprehensive website testing, ensuring that all hyperlinks, images and individual sections work and display correctly and are exactly as you want them to be.

Website, Software, and Games Testing

When required, I am able to offer translation for video games or software. Once this process has been carried out, I’ll provide you with the full translation.

Quality Assessments

When you’ve had a document translated, I’ll carry out a comprehensive quality assessment to make sure everything is as it should be. I thoroughly check all grammar and punctuation, along with the general translation itself, so you can rest assured knowing your document is correct.

Certificated Translation

Should you require a certified translation, at an additional fee you will receive a document confirming my credentials and qualifications, which can be used for a wide range of legal purposes.

CAT Tools

Computer-aided translation tools are invaluable in providing consistent and accurate work. I am a competent user of the following CAT tools:

  • SDL Studio 2011 
  • memoQ 2015 
  • memoQ web 
  • Passolo 2011

Upon request and provision of relevant applications and access, I can work in any other CAT tool, including cloud-based environments.

Choosing Me

When you contact me to enquire about any of my services, I must first establish the topic of the project before I can advise you on how best to proceed. If you have a set timescale that the work needs to be completed in, please let me know so I can work around this. Once I have assessed the file and identified what needs to be done, I’ll provide you with a free quote. There will be no extra charges and all work undertaken is kept as close to the original document as possible. I am happy to sign any disclosure forms if you wish me to do so.

Contact me today, a specialist EN- PL and PL-EN translator, to obtain more details about proofreading services